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martedì 26 luglio 2016

With Kyani can succeed Any person this is due to the Kyani compensation plan, change the world!

With Kyani can succeed Any person this is due to the Kyani compensation plan, change the world!

Kyani & IS A compensation plan and & and strong plan ever seen by humans clearing, calling him several times WONDERFUL:
"Changing people's lives, anyone can benefit from it.
Kyani is now at level 0 was born eight years ago, but is still at level 0, it means that if you ask someone on the street knows Kyani, although there are already thousands of people registered, so this is the best time to position yourself and have greater advantage.

No matter if you are good in MLM or not. No matter if you're good or not for sale.

Any person can be successful in Kyani and this is due to the compensation plan, change the world!   

No one has such a compensation plan in the world, we are the first 

The Kyani compensation plan comes from Japan and has been studied for 8 years from 6 leaders in Network Marketing.
Those of Kyani are very proud to point out that this remarkable plan is not a multi level marketing is not a binary plan is simply the Kyani Compensation Plan, will go down in history and studies with this name, because it can never be duplicated, the plan Kyani is the point ... no one can copy and Kyani is enough. Not for nothing the Kyani compensation plan has been patented!

The Kyani gain comes from different paths or ports, as he calls MiKe Akagi,

- Welcome Bonus - 30% for retail sales from their online store

- Sponsor Bonus - 50 to $ 200 depending on the package chosen by the new distributor just invited

- Bonus PayGate - The first PayGate when you have 3 persons who sponsored, you will receive a 5% of their total expenditure. When the first 3 people found their 3-to-head opens 2nd PayGate 7% and so on for all 12 PayGate accumulative

- Generation Matching Bonus - when you reach the level of Sapphire earn this bonus. 15% from one generation to the total PayGate for a total of 9 generations. Your generation is when a distributor becomes sapphire then all the people between you and your first sapphire skillful dealer will be your generation and you earn 15% of their total turnover. The second generation are all people between the first and the second, sapphire sapphire distributor distributor and earn 10% of their total PayGate. And so on up to 9 consecutive generations

- Fast Start Bonus - variable is based on the level of effectiveness of Jade in the first 31 days of enrollment

- Ranking bonus - every time you level up increases

- Bonus Machine - when you qualify Rubino

- Bonus Diamond - Diamond-level

- Travel Bonus - in many beautiful places in the world

P to give a 'more visual idea to propose this photo where you can see the minimum income based on the level reached

 The compensation plan Kyani even if overtime is not easy to understand why their rich bonuses and incentives, if you want to understand you need to register :)

HERE'S WHERE DO THE REGISTRATION FORM CLICK then put your country code 1010116 Register NOW ARE YOU READY click OK

REGISTER   Click on JOIN Kyani and be part of our big family

Antonio Arpaia  

Tel. 3488054592  

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